About Us

We’re experienced,
dynamic and

At Medlin Wealth, we’re about giving you the tools and guidance to implement
outstanding financial strategies in your life.

We can make a difference

First and foremost, we build enduring relationships based on trust and rapport. Then we work closely with you to understand where you’re going and base our advice on getting you there.

Our vision is to see your financial dreams and goals come alive over the decades. So our business model breaks free from traditional approaches to financial planning and keeps you firmly in control.

We stay by your side so that you can be assured that through the changing seasons of life (and government policy!) we stay a step ahead to diligently guide you through life’s changes.

We’ve done our job when you can look back and see the results developing over time, delivering your best financial outcome in every season.

Our experience

Shannon has been part of the local financial planning scene for over 15 years, starting with bank-based experience that discipline and wisdom with a wide range of clientele. His financial planning qualifications were earned after completing his Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and he stays at the leading edge of the industry with continual professional development and close alignment with industry experts and thought leaders.

Shannon established Medlin Wealth in 2016 to stay true to his dream to help people navigate their financial journey successfully.

As a ‘Rocky’ local, he understands the community and his relatable, relaxed style exudes confidence and energy. In his downtime,
he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons with a weekend ritual of breakfast at their favourite local café. As a self-confessed petrol head, he enjoys all things motorsport and is also a cricketing tragic.

When you deal with Shannon, you can expect excellence and astute advice. Shannon is exceptionally client-focused, and nothing makes him happier than seeing his clients prospering and achieving their goals and dreams.